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Hey,   I'm Danny Cole

"I help Entrepreneurs Decrease Stress and Become Happier & More Confident in There Personal and Professional Lives!"

Are You Unhappy In Your Business, Relationship, or Life?


Do you want to feel happier and more satisfied in your personal and professional life?  

Are you ready to overcome the tough times and challenges you experienced in the past and create unstoppable courage and resilience?

Are you ready to eliminate fear of failure, fear of rejection, and destroy self-doubt that is holding you back from being your true confident and authentic self?
Are you ready to build deep meaningful relationships that last?  

Do you feel stuck and know things could definitely be better if you just had the expert guidance and accountability to achieve it?  

Are you ready to overcome procrastination and create laser focus so you can crush every goal you set? 

Are you ready to become the happiest, most confident, and best version of yourself?

If You Answered "Yes" To Any Of These Questions Then Stronger Than Failure Mindset Coaching Is Right For You!

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There's nothing I'm better at than helping people create more happiness and confidence in their lives. 


Happiness & Success in Your Business, Relationships, and Life Begin with Your MINDSET!

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Hey friend, it's Danny Cole; international best selling author, host of radio show and podcast Stronger Than Failure, Mindset Coach, and personal development expert.  


Are you unhappy in your business, relationship, or life?

If you answered yes, don't worry, you are not alone. With the pressures of life, the family, the job, your health, the economy, and everything else going on right now, it's now wonder so many entrepreneurs and high-achievers are feeling stressed, stuck, and unhappy. 

In fact 77% of people report high levels of stress and 66% of people report that work-life balance was affecting their life.

If you are ready to become the best version of yourself - happier, resilient, and more confident - so you can achieve more in your personal and professional life in 12 weeks than you have in 12 years, then you are ready for Stronger Than Failure Mindset Coaching!

You were born for greatness! It's time to bring all areas of your life to the next level because there's one thing that makes you and I alike. You're HUNGRY for MORE! More Happiness. More Success. Better relationships. More passion. More money. More energy. More vitality!

A Mindset Coach enters your life for one reason, and one reason only, to help you get those results you are looking for. I do this by helping you create a Stronger Than Failure Mindset so you can release the past, overcome procrastination fear of failure and other limiting beliefs, and unleash the very best parts of yourself, so that you can achieve the levels of happiness, success, and fulfillment you're made for.  (areas I can help)

The quality of your mindset determines the quality of your life. If you want to improve any area of your life you must first begin by improving your mindset. So many courses, programs, and classes out there focus on creating the goals without first creating the type of mindset you need to achieve those goals, which is why so many people are struggling. It's like trying to plant a garden without first pulling out the weeds and fertilizing the soil. It's not going to work.

Coach Danny Cole will help you:

  • Create a Stronger Than Failure Mindset and regain your personal power.

  • Become happier and more confident with you are, what you do, and who you are with. 

  • Learn why certain areas of your life aren't working even though you've done everything you know how.

  • Create and design success habits to unlock your true potential.

  • Discover how to stop negative self-talk in 3 easy steps.

  • Become crystal clear about what the best version of yourself looks like and become that person.

  • Discover the programming you didn't know you have that is sabotaging your success and reprogram your mind for success in every area of your life. 

  • Learn to tap into your courage, strength, and confidence to overcome any challenge or unexpected change life throws at you.

  • Learn how to accomplish more in less time so you can have more free time.

  • You’re going to turn your dreams into reality easier and quicker than anyone you know.

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If You Improve Your Mindset  You Will Improve Your Life.

>> Schedule Your Free 30 Minute Mindset Strategy Call Now!

Become Unstoppable!

You can have excuses or results. You can't have both. 

When you create a Stronger Than Failure Mindset nothing can stop you from becoming happier, healthier, and more successful!  

When you improve your mindset you can maximize your true potential, crush your goals, and improve your life in every area!

My passion is helping those that want more for themselves, just just like you, create a Happy and Resilient Mindset and become the best version of themselves. You truly deserve to live a happy & successful life.

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