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Hello I'm Danny Cole author of, GET MOTIVATED NOW!, The Formula For Happiness and Success in Life, The Formula For Success in Sales, and How To Repair Your Credit Like The Pros, I'm founder of Stronger Than Failure, Life Coach, and personal development junkie.
Why did I start Stronger Than Failure? 

Because we all want the same thing in life.  We all want to be the best versions of ourselves;  happy, confident, and successful.  

Now success is different for everyone.  Success could be financial freedom , or perfect mental and physical health, or having a wonderful relationship, or a closer spiritual walk, but regardless of what you see success as, everyone wants to be successful on a certain level and in a certain area.

But sometimes life, our past, and even ourselves, can get in the way of that.
Listen, we can't change the past or what we go through, but we change how we go through it.  If you improve you mindset you will improve your life. 

And that's what I do.  I help you create a create a Stronger Than Failure Mindset.  And once you do  your life will never be the same.  You will become happier, healthier, and more successful than you have ever been.

How do I help you create a Stronger Than Failure Mindset?  I do this by teaching you the
 simple and powerful science based strategies to overcome fear, increase your level of happiness, and help you quickly take control of your mind and turn it into your most powerful weapon and completely change your life forever.... 

And if you put into practice these techniques and strategies I teach you, your mindset will go from, "I Can't," to "I Can" from "Out of Control," to "In Control."  You will achieve your highest level of happiness, self-confidence, unstoppable motivation and success in every area of your personal and professional life.

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The process for creating a Stronger Than Failure Mindset works.  I know it works, because it worked for me. 


Allow me to explain......


Life was not always easy. 


Currently my mom is battling stage 4 cancer in her colon, stomach, Iiver, and lungs. (She is the strongest person I know and who I gained my mental toughness from)


I was the first born of 6 kids to a poor family.  We had a lot of love, but not a lot of money.   


On top of being poor I was small and weak and got teased and made fun of a lot.  I even remember my grandfather (who had been a professional wrestler and race car driver) telling me that he thought I would be the kid getting bullied and having sand kicked into his face at the beach.


I also remember our family financially struggling so much that I changed elementary schools 3 times.  We had to move from living with my dad's parents, to living with my mom's parents, then to my aunt and uncle's house before we finally moved into a trailer on a long dusty dirt road out in the country. 

My dad was a great man, but he unfortunately turned to drugs when I was in middle school.  There were some Christmases' we didn't have, because instead of my dad buying presents he used all the money on drugs.  I was still in my 20's when he passed away.  

And, in my 20's is when I started drinking and doing drugs everyday. 
With my friends at the time using drugs, and me struggling with the lose of my baby at birth, she was stillborn, things escalated quickly with the types of drugs I was using and the amounts. 
You name it and I probably done it. 
I had a few friends that died of overdoses.  And after having a nurse tell me while I was in the ER, that I was lucky to be alive and if I didn't change what I was doing I was going to die, I knew something had to change.

But it didn't.....

I wasn't truly happy with myself and where I was in life so I kept partying..... and struggling......and having a void deep inside that I was wasn't filling.

I knew I was meant for more.  That I had in no way maximized my full potential as a man, as a human being, as a child of God.  I felt that there was more I needed to do.... but I didn't.

Why?  Because of the environment I kept myself in, mentally and physically.  If you want to make a change you must first change the way you think and the environment you are in. 

Things turned around when I fell 4 1/2 stories and broke my back.

I was working with my dad on a hot summer day in July.  He painted for a living and that day we were painting a building in Stockbridge, Ga.  I repelled over the side of the building and started to drop, the lanyard was supposed to stop me... but didn't.

I remember looking at my hands as they slipped through the rope that was instantly ripping the skin from my hands as I tried to hold on as I dropped 4 1/2 stories to the ground. BOOM.  Landed on my right hip and instantly breaking my back.  

They were going to life flight me to Southern Regional, which coincidentally I was born 24 years earlier, but instead took me by ambulance because I didn't have insurance.  

I was in ICU for a few days and when I was finally released they told me my L1 vertebra was half gone and jutted out a little due to it turning to dust from the sudden impact from me hitting the ground from my fall.

The doctor said he could have done surgery, but that it would have only caused more problems later on in life. 

So, I had to wear a back brace for months, had to have help getting in and out of the bed, in and out of the shower, and in and out of the bathroom. 

When you are laying in the bed for hours and hours a day with no television and a cell phone that lacked the modern day capabilities, all you could do then was make a call.  You could only do one thing, think.
So, I spent hours thinking about my life.

The things I did want, the things I didn't want.  Why I only had the things I had and why I didn't have more.  Why I still struggled with low self-esteem.  Why didn't I strive to do more or be more even though, deep down, I know I was meant for more.  

I also wondered why some people seemed to have it all, while others struggled.  Why some people seemed so happy and others struggled.  Why some people had an extremely high level of self-confidence and others struggled.

And it hit me!  The answer to all those questions.  Your mindset!

So, I started the journey of mastering my mindset. 
Why my mindset? 
Because I knew that your mindset determined everything.
If you want to improve your health, you have to improve your mindset!

If you want to improve your how you experienced the world, you have to improve your mindset! 

If you want to make more money, you have to improve your mindset!

If you want to improve your relationship, you have improve you mindset!

If you want to improve your level of confidence and self-worth, you have to improve you mindset!

If you want to be happier and more satisfied in life, you have to improve your mindset!

All this and more was determined by MY mindset. 

Your mindset determines everything.

It is something I read about constantly and occasionally worked on growing up, but now, I had made it my mission to master. 
I read books like, "How To Win Friends and Influence People," "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," "The Power Of Positive Thinking," "The Power Of I AM," books on sales, books by Anthony Robbins and Grant Cardone, and anything I could get my hands on.  I knew if I could create a Stronger Than Failure Mindset, then I could achieve success in anything.

​Since then I have trained in MMA for several years.  I have been in sales for the past 20 years.  I've done it all.  Sold real-estate, cars, life insurance, high-end furniture.  I've started businesses that have failed and businesses that have prospered. 

I had a gold business, you know, one of the "WE BUY GOLD" places, and business started out great.  But, in 8 months we had to shut the doors.  The gold prices went from an all time high to the bottom falling out.

Because of that business failing, and me trying several other businesses before that one, that never took root, I kept hearing, "When are you going to get a real job?"  "Why do you always try doing things on your own?"  "You really need to think about the future."  

And I was thinking about my future.  I did not want to work for someone else and make them successful.  If I was going to work for someone and make them successful, it was going to be me, and I'd be willing to bet you feel the same way. 

I now have a successful Mindset Coaching business, real estate investor, podcaster, and author.  I absolutely love my life.  And I want the same for you.

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We All Want The Same Thing:

- We want to feel confident and happy.

- We want to enjoy our relationships.

- We want to feel valued and spend our days making money in a way that fulfills us.

- We want to not be so angry, jealous, and resentful.

- We want to know that we're good enough as men, women, fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, and leaders. 

- And we want to feel the confidence necessary to live without doubt and fear.   

This Is What I Believe:

1. Life is short. We must live in the now and live each day with intent, purpose, and passion.

2. With the right attitude and habits you can achieve anything.  

3. Taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone is essential for growth.

4. Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is where true power is found.

5. A man is motivated by the desire to achieve and live life purposefully.

6. You are not your past.  The decisions you make today will determine your future. 


7. Everyone has greatness within them, some just need a little help getting it out.

8. No one is immune to life's difficulties but, you are Stronger Than Failure.


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