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Have you ever gotten stuck in traffic on your commute to work and say to yourself, “why do I even bother going in, I hate my job anyway”? Ever say to yourself day dreaming of other things while you are at work? Well, my friend you are not alone.

And there may be a very good reason for this. A friend of mine sent me this and I was like, “Wow!” You are absolutely correct.

Here are 10 signs you may be ready to start your own business.

1. You’re always thinking. Entrepreneurs are always thinking. They lie awake at night in bed thinking. Their mind is always wondering or daydreaming of what else they could be doing while they are at work, school, or with others. If you do this maybe it is time to start your own business.

2. You’re ready to break free! You know the rat race everyone else runs in just isn’t for you. You feel constricted and ready to burst at the seams. And once you break free you may be surprised at how happy and successful you become.

3. You are optimistic and always see potential. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you always see where there could be improvements. And you know that if these improvements were made that things would be more efficient and profitable. (This one was totally me!)

4. You can’t stand being at an office every day. If you feel restricted and caged in because you have to go to the same place every single day, then it may be time to start your own business.

5. You are motivated! You know your “Why” in life. You don’t always need someone to tell you to hurry up and get the job done. You wake up in the morning and know what you need to do.

6. You want to leave a legacy. Whether it’s a legacy for your namesake or family. You want to make a mark on society and help others in the process. If you want to leave something behind you are proud of you may be ready to start your own business.

7. You are not afraid to fail. Some people will not even try something if they have the slightest notion they will fail. But, if you are not afraid of failure and know that you can only fail if you quit or not give it your all, then being an entrepreneur is for you.

8. You know that there is more to life than just going to work every day and paying bills. If you are an entrepreneur, you can set your own schedule and work when you want to. And not work for anyone else.

9. If you understand the tax incentives that business owners have. I once heard a speech from a wealthy entrepreneur and he said, “Everyone takes vacations. The only difference is, you call them vacations and I call them a business trip.” Business owners are eligible for tax incentives such as, laptops, business trips, gas, clothes, etc.

10. You want to make a name for yourself. Several of the most famous entrepreneurs knew they wanted more from life. Grant Cardone, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Gary Vaynerchuk, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, John D. Rockefeller to name a few. If you, like them, know you want more from life then you too are ready to become an entrepreneur.

Before I started working for myself, I had 10 out of 10 on this list, checked off.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was headed to UPS on Fulton Industrial in Atlanta. I was only 18 years old at the time. I toped a hill, and I can still see it so vividly, I saw a beautiful awe-inspiring sun with only a few white fluffy clouds in the clear baby blue sky and saying to myself, “I was made for more than just going to work. God did not create all this beauty for me not to enjoy.”

I knew then that I did not want to work for someone else. I did not want someone else to dictate my schedule. I did not know what I wanted to do. But I knew it wasn’t what I was doing.

It wasn’t easy, and it didn’t happen right away. And, that’s the thing. Most people give up if it’s not easy or if it doesn’t happen right away.

But, you like me, know that if it were easy then everyone would do it. And only the successful stay hungry and achieve what they set out to achieve.

What do you want to do? When are you going to do it? If you checked off at least 7 things from this list then I know you will be an entrepreneur if you put your mind and energy to it.

You are Stronger Than Failure!

Danny Cole

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