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Did you know that psychology has determined that you will achieve in life what you believe you will achieve in life? To radically change your life, you must first radically change your beliefs.

Does this sound a little crazy to you? Before all my research it sound a little crazy to me. But, the more research I done the more science and man’s own ability to overcome obstacles changed my mind and life, completely.

A man named Roger Bannister changed history and the belief of runners around the world in the spring of 1954.

You see, the belief before May of 1954 was that man was inadequately built and incapable of breaking a 4-minute mile.

Roger Bannister ran a meet against 6 other men in Oxford at 6:00 PM on May 6, 1954. On this day Sir Roger Bannister busted the 4-minute mile with a time of 3 min 59.4 sec that changed the course of history.

How did it change the course of history? Because a new belief for runners was born. After he debunked the old belief and did what others said could not be done, 20,000 runners, and counting, have now broken the 4-minute mile, including high school students.

If Roger Bannister, and the 20,000+ other runners that followed him, broke the old limiting belief that man was inadequately built and incapable of breaking a 4-minute mile, then you can break your old limiting beliefs too.

The question is how. How do you change your old limiting beliefs into something positive and empowering?

Well, first you must look at what a belief is. A belief is nothing more than a thought that has been reinforced. And the more it is reinforced the stronger it becomes.

It’s like adding legs to a table. The more legs you add to it the stronger and more stable it is.

For instance, you might believe that the beach is the best vacation spot, and nothing comes

close. And your reasoning, or reinforcing thoughts, are you can layout and get a tan, people are always happy at the beach, it’s where your family vacationed every year since you were a kid, it’s where you always had fun, it could be a number of things.

But you see, all of these “reasons” are what created that “belief” for you. Thoughts and emotions, nothing else. Now, it doesn’t necessarily make it true or false. But what it does make it is true for you.

So, how do you begin to change a belief? You fist begin by doubting that belief. Doubting the belief cracks the foundation and opens the opportunity to disprove and remove it.

Let’s say the belief is that you are to old to become successful.

The First Phase you would doubt it by simply saying, “who says I’m too young to be successful? There are many young successful people. And if they can be successful so can I.”

The Second Phase is to build the new foundation by reinforcing your new empowering belief.

Who are some young successful people? Do some research.

· Andrew Mason, 29, founder of Groupon. Net worth $600 million

· Matthew Mullenweg, 34, founder of Wordpress. Net worth $250 million

· Blake Ross, 25, software developer. Net worth $150 million

· Catherine Cook, 20, founder of New Worth $30 million

And the list goes on. There are successful entrepreneurs who are not even not even legal age to purchase alcohol. Caine Monroy, Ashley Qualls, Cameron Johnson, Garrett Gee, Willow Tufano, and Hart Main to name a few.

No matter what you want to believe you can find evidence or someone’s opinion to back it up. All you have to do is try.

The Third Phase, and last phase, after you doubt the old belief and state the new belief and reinforce it, you condition your belief.

Think about it. You can’t workout once and just instantly be in the best shape of your life, can you? No. Of course not. You have to condition yourself by working out on a consistent basis.

So, you will need to tell yourself on a daily basis that you are successful. That if others can be successful then so can you. And you will need to read and watch stories on other young successful entrepreneurs routinely.

By doing this you engrain this belief into your subconscious and radically change your belief. And by radically changing your belief you will radically change your life.

Stronger Than Failure

Danny Cole

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