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The world is a play. A giant majestic play full of wonder and excitement, ups and downs. And, you have the option of choosing between two characters. The first is a hero.

Against all odds the hero will persevere, overcome, and succeed.

The second character is a victim. The victim will face the same struggles and odds of the first character but will be “unfairly” defeated.

Which one will you choose?

You see, both come with the same struggles and the same opportunities but, each character carries with it a completely different outcome. Why? I’m glad you asked. It all boils down to attitude and permission.

The attitude you possess will determine if you give permission to be bullied and take what life gives you or your attitude will give you permission to stand up for yourself and create the life you desire.

My life changed when I learned the power of permission. When I was a young kid in elementary school I was involved in the common practice of teasing and “bullying.”

Now, I was not the kid dealing out the unfair hand of low self-esteem teasing, name calling and physical scuffles but quite the opposite. I was on the receiving end. I was the kid wondering why I didn’t fit in and why the other kids didn’t like me and why was I their amusement park of bullying fun.

It wasn’t until later on in life that I learned, people will only do what you allow them to do.

They will only do what YOU give them permission to do. For instance, in a relationship if a person speaks to you and treats you with disrespect then you are giving them permission to do so. The moment you stand up for yourself and say, “This is now how I will be treated and if you don’t like it then you can leave,” one of two things will happen.

One, the other person will leave and you will be in a better place because you deserve to be treated with respect.

Or two, the other person will respect what you said and begin to improve the way they speak to you and treat you, again you win. Don’t you agree?

You have to remember, you may not have been born into luxury like some families such as the Rockefeller's or Rothschild’s but, you were created with the same powerful options that will dictate your future, just as they have. These options are given to everyone at birth.

They are given to the uber wealthy and the poor. The person in the best physical shape of their lives and the person in the worst physical shape of their lives. Everyone. You were born with the option to choose your attitude.

Your attitude will determine if you give permission to be the victim and live at the effect of life and become “unfairly” defeated, or give you permission to be the hero and live at the cause of life and persevere, overcome and succeed!

Reality is relative. And the world you live in is based upon the reality you choose to see. If you choose to see struggles then you will experience struggle. If you choose to see opportunities then you will experience opportunities. To see the struggles or opportunities in life falls back on what you give yourself permission to see.

Permission is Power. You are the creator of your world and you have to give permission to those you want to allow in it. You have to give permission on how you will be treated. You have to give permission to the words you want to affect your life. You have to give permission if those words will affect you positively or negatively. You have to give permission to receive an act of kindness or an act of rudeness.

You have the power to grant permission or withhold permission. Everything is a choice. Hero or victim? Your choose.

You are Stronger Than Failure,

Danny Cole

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