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Change is Good.

If acorns didn't change there would be no mighty oaks.

If flower seeds didn't change there would be no beautiful rose bushes to admire.

In order for us to grow we have to go through seasons of change. These seasons will pass and we will shed some leaves, friends, jobs, and relationships but, because of the change, we will grow bigger and stronger.

Most people resist change. A few years back I was in a bad relationship. When I say bad, I mean, I would not wish it upon my worst enemy. After the honeymoon phase of the relationship was over she would argue with me all the time. Accuse me of cheating and running around behind her back. Constantly harass me at work, if we were in an argument, which was most of the time. I even once had to call the cops to get her to leave as she was parked outside blowing the horn and screaming obscenities from inside her car.

And on more than one occasion had to call them to my house to stop her from physically assaulting me. I know, I know, why did I stay? One reason is I was broken down from the arguing and mental abuse she poured on me daily and the second reason was the comfort zone syndrome. I resisted change and was stuck in the "comfort zone."

The "comfort zone syndrome" is when you stay in a "situation" whether it be a job, relationship, or anything else, knowing it is not right for you because you are comfortable.

Is there really better? Even if there is do I deserve it? Could I really find it? These are the questions that bounced around inside of my sad mind. My friends constantly told me that I should leave and that I have changed since being in the relationship but, I still stayed.

I told them, with my arms crossed and a mad face, "It's not that bad. She loves me and she is just going through some things."

Why did I take up for her and the relationship? Because I resisted change. I knew what to expect. She was mean to me and daily damaged my self-esteem, but at least I know what was going to happen.

I was in my comfort zone. Because, who knew how it would be if I left. That is the unknown. I didn't know if I would find someone better. I didn't know if I would find someone worse. I was even worried that I many not find someone at all. So, I, like so many others, would have rather stay where I was, in a bad relationship, than to leave and find better.

But, I'm glad I left that relationship. Why? Because what I have now is incredible. I am thankful on a daily basis for what I have. She is supportive, encouraging, sweet, loving, loves my family, enjoys the the things I like, and if there is an issue then we discuss it, like adults. I have a blast with her. We are always laughing and enjoying each others company. I personally wish everyone could have a relationship like the one we have.

You see, change is good. If i hadn't have left a bad relationship when I was younger then I wouldn't be where I am today. I'm sure that a lot of people, like me, feel the same way about a relationship, a job, a physical or mental journey they are on, their credit, their finances, or spiritual walk.

But, the only one that can change it is you. If you are the one who needs to change then remember these 10 Powerful 2 Letter Words, "IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME."

Without change there would be no mighty oaks. There would be no beautiful flowers. Change is good.

You are Stronger Than Failure,

Danny Cole

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