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Here is the million dollar question. What price would you pay for happiness and success? Imagine someone very well dressed in a tailored made Italian suit carrying a sleek brown leather briefcase in their hand walked up to you and confidently told you that if you gave them $10,000 that they could guarantee you that your level of happiness and success would increase.

Would you pay them $10,000 to increase the amount of happiness and success in your life?

Or are you more than happy where everything is right now at this moment in your life? If you do not wish to have more true happiness and success in your life that is fine, but for everyone else, would you find a way to get the money?

Now, I want you to imagine that this person reduced the amount by half to only $5,000. Would you find a way to get the money now? What if it was just $500 you had to invest to increase the level of your happiness and success in life?

Take a moment and think about it, increases in your health, in your finances, in your relationships, would you pay it now? What if I told you right now that it was only $14.95 or $5.95, depending on the way you invested, to get this information, would you buy it now?

I have been studying in the field of self-empowerment for over 20 years. I’m a certified life coach, certified NLP master practitioner, and certified hypnotherapist. And after all the seminars, self-help books, and CD programs, after all the information overload, It hit me like a ton of bricks and I uncovered the formula to unlock the door of a better quality of life.

A life beaming with more happiness. A life of success in all areas. And this formula is simple to apply. After all, these are the two most important things to most people in the world, happiness and success in life.

After all the years of studying personal development and self-empowerment I have discovered the 5 common principles among the top influential speakers, teachers, and authors in the fields and put this powerful life changing formula together in my new book, The Formula for Happiness and Success in Life.

The Formula for Happiness and Success is based on self-empowerment, is filled with moving stories and powerful exercises that allow you to begin seeing changes today. Not next week, next month, or next year. Learn how your thoughts create your world and how to harness the power of your thoughts just like that of top athletes, entrepreneurs, and leaders around the world.

Discover 5 powerful reasons to forgive and release the negativity of your past. Uncover the secret to overcoming self-imposed limitations in 3 easy steps. Boost self-confidence with one easy step. Become who YOU want to be instead of what others want you to be, and much much more.

It is written in a way that is simple to understand, because everyone is tired of reading books that you feel you need to be a dictionary to understand, and it is even simpler to apply to your life, now. Take a close look at this, can you feel this will be a good book that will change your life?

And if you, like me and everyone you know, want to be empowered to experience more happiness and success quickly, easily, and effortlessly then this book is for you. Learn the 5 Key Principles in the book and begin to apply them, and you to can start to increase the quality of your life for the better today.

Just imagine waking up happy every morning. Feeling the joy you will have when you are happier and more successful in all areas of your life.

Imagine how your life will change and how good it will feel to be more confident and free from the past.

Imagine the feeling of happiness and success completely washing over you now. It’s your life.

Don’t you deserve to be happy and successful?

Don’t you deserve to be successful in your relationships, your health mentally and physically, and your finances? Give yourself the gift of change.

The motivational guru Anthony Robbins always says, “The decisions you make today will shape your tomorrow.”

Get Your Copy Now!

Your are Stronger Than Failure,

Danny Cole

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