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What are habits?

Before we can build stronger habits we must first know what habits are. Researchers at Duke University have proven that over 40% of our daily behaviors are determined by habits.

Habits are rituals, behaviors, or small decisions that we automatically make. Such as brushing your teeth, tying your shoe laces, taking a shower, the order in which you even take a shower, are all habits.

The quality of your habits will determine the quality of your life. They will determine if you are overweight or in shape, if you are successful or mediocre, if you give up on goals or if you sustain motivation and keep pushing forward to completion.

Albert Einstein said, "Life is just like a game. First you have to learn the rules of the game. And then play better than any one else." And it is the same for learning how to build stronger habits. And it's quite simple actually.

3 Easy Steps to Build Stronger Habits. 

Frist - Know Your Outcome

Second - Habit Stacking

Third - Reward

So for instance, if your outcome is to read 20 books a year, then your process would look like this.

First - (habit stack 1) Begin your habit stacking by knowing what it is you want and why you want it. ex. Your ultimate goal is to read 20 books a year because you want to become an expert in the field of calisthenics.

Second - (habit stack 2) Continue the process of habit stacking (which in and of it self will create stronger unbreakable habits).

You want to begin by braking the ultimate goal down. So in order to read 20 books a year, when most people only read 4 or less, you need to read just over a book and a half a month. (habit stack 3) Then you want to select a book to read. I would highly recommend you starting with an easy quick read to start with. The reason being, you will finish it quickly and have started pumping invigorating momentum every cell in your body and push yourself to continue going.

(habit stack 4) Select the best time of day for you to read. Do you read better for comprehension in the morning after you had your cup of coffee? Is the afternoon better for your? Or is the best time for your to read when you lay down at night and relax before you go to sleep?

(habit stack 5) Set a reminder for yourself on your phone to read. Studies show that if you have a reminder that you have to look at, or shut off, then you are more likely to do the task.

(habit stack 6) Take action. Get started reading. Even if you read slow. It doesn't matter. Just get started. Most people fail in life because they fail to take action.

Third - 9habit stack 7) Reward yourself. Let's face it. We all love rewards. Kids love getting rewarded with candy. Adults love getting reward with flowers, money, vacation, recognition. We all love rewards. So reward yourself with a job well done.

"The theory of operant conditioning is a psychological concept that suggest that we learn through reward and punishment. When behavior is followed by a pleasant outcome we are more likely to repeat the behavior. This is called positive reinforcement." - JMC Academy

So, reward yourself with something. Now, don't go crazy and reward yourself with a vacation every time you finish a book, but go out to eat, or get your favorite bottle of wine, or order a desert that makes your mouth water when you think about it.

Your habits will determine your life. And the better quality habits you have the better quality life you will live. Habit stacking is a powerful way to create stronger habits. It is what all successful people, whether they are consciously aware of it or not, use to create their successes in life. And I want that for you. I want you to become more motivated and living a successful life. And whatever success is to you, I want you to have it.

Use these 3 Easy Steps to Create Stronger Habits and achieve your goals in life. I wish you the best. And remember, You are Stronger Than Failure.

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