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Have you ever wished you had more time? Ever said to yourself, "If only there were a little more time in the day I could get it done," If I only had a little more time I would go to the gym," "If I only had a little more time I could improve my relationship" "If I only had a little more time I would go back to school and earn that degree or certification."

I'm not going to sugar coat it. I'm going to give it to you straight. Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Everyone. From the person who overeats and overweight to the person who prepares his or her meals and is incredibly healthy and fit. The poor and the wealthy. They all have 24 hours in a day. The only difference that separates the two is what they do with their time. What you do with your time will determine your outcome. It is crucial to remember that Your level of success is contingent upon your level of commitment.

Over the years I have read and tried just about everything to increase my efficiency and productivity. I wanted to discover the secret that would allow me more free time throughout the day to do what I want when I want. Through years of trial and error I have uncovered the Simple 4 Step Process to: Increase Efficiency and Productivity and Gain More Time throughout the Day!

If you want a change you have to make a change. The secret I discovered is often overlooked due to its simplicity. Successful people in business, health, relationships, and any other area always use this simple process to increase efficiency and productivity and increase the free time they have during the day. Successful people always look for the simplest solution to a problem or the simplest way to positively increase a particular area. While others believe, if it's not complicated then it can't be the answer, successful people find the simplest solution and move forward.

The Powerful 4 Step Process to:

Increase Efficiency and Productivity and Gain More Time Throughout the Day!

1. Write your Desire Outcome Statement. You have to have a strong desire for your goal, otherwise it is just a dream. Your Desire Outcome Statement is the statement you want to achieve.

When you write your Desire Outcome Statement you must write it in present tense. Write it as if you already have it. For example, if you want to drop weight and get in shape, then you can say something like, "I love eating healthy and exercising. I am at my perfect weight and I have a body fat percentage of 14%. I look and feel great because of my new healthy lifestyle."

You only need to write between 2-5 sentences for your Desire Outcome Statement. You want to do this for the different areas in your life such as; finances, health, relationship, spiritual and any area you want to improve. When you think about what your Desire Outcome Statement is going to be think about it in the state of mind as if you had to fear, could not fail, and as if money was not an issue.

2. Goal Setting. Now that the Desire has been set, the next step is plotting the course. A simple process for setting your course is the S.M.A.R.T approach.



A-ction Oriented


T-ime Driven

Specific has already been taken care of in the first part of this process when you wrote your Desire Outcome Statement. Now, it is time to complete the rest of the S.M.A.R.T. process. Depending on how big your Desire Outcome is will determine how long it should take. Finding a job should be shorter than starting a business. So, finish the Measurable, Action Oriented, Realistic, and Time Driven part of the goals.

Write down the goals you need to have to order to achieve your desired outcome for 6 mths., 3 mths., and 1 mth.


6 month goal

  • Start a personal training business

  • Have 1-3 blogs written

  • have 10 clients

3 month goal

  • Become a certified personal trainer

  • Talk to family and friends about business

  • Take additional course on nutrition

  • Have 3 clients

1 month goal

  • research personal training schools

  • select personal training school

  • start personal training school

3. Daily To Do list. Start your DTD today! Everyone has 24 hours in a day and depending on what you do with yours will determine your future. Successful people from all walks of life have a daily agenda AKA a Daily To Do list. This is how they get so much done in so little time. Write down what you need and want to do each day, and allow yourself a set time limit to complete each one. Keep in mind what you need to do to achieve your Desire Outcome and how much time has to be devoted to it daily. By writing down and only allowing yourself an allotted set of time for each task will help you stay on track and stay focus on the task at hand.


1. exercise 45 min

2. read 20 min

3. meditate 20 min

4. write blog 1 hr

4. Visualize. Successful business people, Olympians, others achieving great success in life utilize this secret. Visualize, just 10 minutes a day, your Desire Outcome as if you already have it. This sets your powerful subconscious mind into motion to create for you what is shown. The mind doesn't know real from the imagined and will create what is shown. The mind is a powerful tool and if understood and used properly can unlock your hidden potential easily and effortlessly. If it is starting the personal fitness business, then already see yourself helping your clients achieving the results they are coming to your for. See your schedule full with excited clients waiting to work with you. Feel the feeling of success and happiness. Be grateful for the life you have.

If you learn how to efficiently manage your time you will learn how to efficiently manage your life.

You are Stronger Than Failure,

Danny Cole

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