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Everyone has been there before. You know what I’m talking about. You had a task of some sort to do and put it off. Right? Well, for some, this has become extremely problematic to their lives. To the point that it is not only a habit, but the dominating habit they now have.

Procrastination is devastating to success.

Procrastinators put off making decisions in everything they do. They put off doing chores around the house or starting an exercise program. They put off starting a relationship or even ending one. They put off starting a blog or YouTube channel. You name it and it gets put on the back burner.

You see, life is going to continue moving, whether you are or not.

By procrastinating and not taking action, people are letting life happen instead of making life happen.

To avoid this, you will need to quickly understand what causes procrastination and how to overcome it. Make sense? Good.

Procrastination is simple to understand and simple to overcome, if you let it. What is procrastination? I’m glad you asked.

Procrastination is simply the act of becoming overwhelmed.

What I mean is, there are a lot of people that will look at a task to complete or a goal they want to achieve and catastrophize it. They do this because they associate pain, or boredom, or toughness to the task or goal.

When this happens your brain associates pain with whatever it is you want to do and you are programmed to avoid pain. Thus, your brain begins to create excuses of why you have to wait or put off taking action.

I’m sure you have heard the saying, “Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill” right? Well, this is essentially what people are doing to create procrastination. They catastrophize the task, chore, or goal at hand.

Ex. Let’s say someone catastrophizes the goal of starting a podcast. They look at the entire picture of creating a name for the podcast, what will they talk about on each show, the cover photo, the equipment, intro and outro, effects, what platforms to post on, how to post it, how to edit, etc. The person simply becomes overwhelmed do to all of the tasks required to start a podcast, and automatically freezes up. Unable, to make a decision or take action.

When, all they need to do is break the process down. Break it down into smaller tasks that are doable for them. (To help with the above example, the person could simply go to and outsource a lot of the work such as, cover photo, business logo, intro and outro, just to name a few.)

Once you break the large task into smaller tasks you simplify the complicated equation. Which in turn enables you to make decisions and take action. And, overcome procrastination.

That's it. It's that simple. Procrastination is due to brain becoming flooded with tasks and negative emotions attached to them. And to overcome procrastination, one simply needs to simplify the task or goal. Chunk in down into something that is not so "scary."

You see, overwhelm breeds procrastination and procrastination breeds nothing.

Simplicity motivates action and action creates results.

I’ve learned from successful entrepreneurs all over that if you make the complicated simple you will become successful. So, I employer you to use the K.I.S.S. formula I once learned from a multi-millionaire. K.I.S.S. stands for, Keep It Simple Stupid. Do not overcomplicate the situation at hand and make it insurmountable.

Instead keep it simple. Always look for a way to break a task or situation down into smaller easier to achieve tasks. Once you create the habit of doing this you will be unstoppable.

Remember, habits create lifestyles.

You are Stronger Than Failure,

Danny Cole

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