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Best Method To Creating A New Habit

If you are serious about making changes in your life and serious about creating new habits to help you become the better version of yourself then you must start small.

So many good intention and inspired individuals set goals. But unfortunately most of them do not achieve their goals. Why not, you may be asking yourself. You see, the problem is not in setting goals, the problem lies in not creating small enough habits you can’t say “no” to to achieve the goals.

Anyone can set goals. In fact most everyone on this planet sets goals. Whether it’s weight loss goals, financial goals, relationship goals, waking up earlier goals, or even starting a new side hustle goals. I’m sure you can think of a goal you want to achieve right now.

So, what sets the goals achievers apart from the everyone else who gives up on their goals?

They don’t give up because the goal couldn’t be achieved. They give up because of their precious ego.

They don’t give up because only a select few could achieve the goal. They give up because they started out of the gate trying to achieve some great and grand result to quickly.

For example: If you are wanting to do 100 push-ups a day in one session, what is it you need to do to achieve this goal?

For starters do not set yourself up for failure by saying you will start out by doing 40 a day.

Because what if you can only do 5? Or 10? Then you will only get inside your own head and begin to tell yourself that you can’t do it and that it is to difficult for you. Then you will find the reasons in your head to reinforce this thought such as; you have never done it before, you can’t even do 10 push-ups what makes you think you can do 100, you don’t know anyone who has done 100 push-ups, and so on.

So, instead of setting out to do 40 push-ups a day, only do 5 or 10. And then when that becomes easy for you increase the number by 5. And then when that becomes easy for you, increase the number by 5 more.

Remember, it’s not about racing, it’s about reaching your goal.

The reason you start with only 5 or 10 push-ups a day to begin with is because 5 is so easy and can be finished in a matter of seconds, that you can’t say “no” to it. And the more times you repeat this new habit of doing push-ups daily the sooner it will become a daily habit for you. Just like brushing your teeth or taking a shower.

The only people who do not start with small power habits and gradually work up to larger habits with patience and consistency are the ones who think they are to good to start small. And, unfortunately, those people will never achieve their goals.

Some people would rather wait till they have the time to fit in their busy schedule to do 40 or more push-ups at a single session, which could take a while if you haven’t worked your way up to it yet. They know it will take time and that they will become tired from attempting it so they start to become overwhelmed thinking about it and simply procrastinate. They put it off until they “have more time” or they don’t “have so much going on” and never get around to it.

While those that started small and worked their way up have been receiving benefits from day one.

This applies to every goal you want to achieve, not just push-ups. To achieve your goals you must first have a crystal clear picture of what that goal is. Second, create a plan to achieve the goal. Third, determine what habits you need to have to achieve the goal. Forth, start with creating a habit so small you can’t say “no” to.

If you want to create a new behavior, a new habit, that will push you to the next level, then you must start small. Small sustainable habits are the key to unlocking greatness.

This will set you up for success in all you do.

I Believe In You!

I AM Empowered Man,

Danny Cole

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