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What is the Key to Happiness?

Happiness is something that everyone, no matter where you grew up, your ethnicity, sex, age, religion or anything else, desires to have. Everyone single person on this planet deserves to be happy.

Think about it, what good is having a thriving business, a beautiful family, perfect health, a close relationship with your creator, if you are not happy?

None of it really matters if you are not happy.

I know a lot of people that have, on the outside, what seems like the perfect life, but are not happy. They are extremely attractive, have a successful career, and are still unhappy. They continuously complain about any and everything they can. It’s like getting punched in the stomach over and over again when you talk to them. You just want it to stop.

Money is great, but it does not buy happiness. Now, don’t get me wrong, it can buy things that will buy moments of happiness. It can buy nice homes and cars and incredible vacations, but not true happiness.

Being in the best shape of your life doesn’t create happiness either. You will have a lot of energy and not have a need to see a doctor, but that doesn’t guarantee you will be happy.

Having a loving family with kids running around playing and laughing may look great, but again, just because you have it doesn’t mean you will be happy.

So, what is the key to happiness then if health, family, money, and everything else doesn’t guarantee it?

I’m glad you asked.

I wrote a book called, “The Formula For Happiness and Success In Life,” and it is packed with powerful information on the subject. But, as we all know, happiness and success is subjective. It is different for everyone. The book gives you the 5 key principles to achieve happiness and success, but the most important, will be Self-Esteem. (The chapter in the book is positive self-image)

Now, why is having a positive self-image, a healthy self-esteem, the number 1 Key? Why is it the most important thing to have to be happy?

Because, if you have a positive self-image, a high self-esteem, then you will not care about outside influences. You will not care if “The Jones’s” have a nicer car or a bigger home. You will not care if your friend or co-worker went on a fabulous vacation, or is constantly going out to fancy restaurants and dressed in the latest style.

This is the single most important thing you can have. I want everyone reading this right now to really think about it and passionately work on increasing their self-esteem. If you have complete and total self-esteem you would be absolutely unstoppable in life.

You would go for what your want with no regrets. You would start the conversation with the person you were attracted to without regard of what others thought. You would say what you felt needed to be said when it needed to be said. You would invest in the opportunity when it raised its head and not second guess it and regretting it later. No hesitations.

Self-esteem is worth its weight in gold.

Having a high self-esteem is the ultimate euphoric feeling that allows you to float through life. Because no matter what happens you know you are good. My best friend and I were shopping at Kroger after our ritual Wednesday dinner where we catch up and talk about what’s going on in life, business opportunities, and simply relaxing and joking.

He was over in the produce section when I came strolling up after making a stop at the restroom, and he looked at me and said, “dude, you look like you own this place,” referring to my walk and the energy I gave off.

I truly enjoy my life. I like to joke, have fun, achieve my goals, and want others to do the same. My life’s mission is to help as many people as I can to become happy and successful. (Hence the name of my first book) So, I carry myself in this manner.

I didn’t always carry myself in this manner. My self-esteem wasn’t always as high as it is now. Growing up I had low self-esteem. Very low actually. Another topic for another for another time.

It was later in life, after reading dozens of books and becoming a student of human behavior that I learned how crucial the development of self-esteem was to the path of true happiness in life. Once I learned this vital key and continued to increase its energy I can say I honestly say that I began to live a happier life.

And this is what I want for you. Begin to watch YouTube videos and reading blogs on how to increase your self-esteem, or go and purchase my book now! If you truly want to live a happy life you MUST have a healthy and high level of self-esteem.

You are Stronger Than Failure

Danny Cole

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