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The truth is most of the population in some way, shape, or fashion worries. Some people worry about their weight gain or loss, some worry about their finances, others worry about their relationship, quitting or losing their job, some about the traffic, while others worry about being accepted in a group or other people’s opinions.

There are many things to worry about, or should I say things people choose to worry about. Now, you may be asking yourself, “what is wrong with worry, and how can you stop worry.” Well, I’m glad you asked.

What is the cause of stress? Worry, exactly. Now hold onto that thought for a moment. I have a friend that was leaving the states and headed for Africa on business from the Atlanta International Airport, but guess what happened? His flight was delayed, imagine that. A delayed flight. But, it turns out that this delay in his departure was a blessing in disguise. He found himself sitting next to a middle aged, well-dressed and well-spoken gentleman, who struck up a life changing conversation.

They first began talking about where each were headed to, you know the general light conversation stuff you have at the airport during a layover with someone sitting next to you, and before you know it “BAM” the man sitting next to him changed his life.

It turns out that the gentleman was the foremost expert on cancer and traveled around the world speaking at colleges on the subject. He said the number one reason for cancer in the world was not and is not hereditary, nor from the foods we eat. He said the number one reason that the people on this planet are plagued with cancer is due to stress. That’s right. STRESS!

You see, simply put, when your body is stressed it throws your body’s PH balance off causing your body to become more acidic and thus allowing sickness and disease to grow. Think about it this way. If a had a fresh stream of clean crystal clear water running beneath a rickety wooden bridge that was weak due to years of wear and tear and at the same time had a convoy of massive garbage trucks overflowing with trash, use this bridge, it is only a matter of time before the bridge gives way and all the toxic garbage that the trucks are carrying dump right into the pure river beneath it.

This is what happens when you are stressed. Your body becomes weak (throwing the PH balance off) and breaks which and allows toxins to be released inside your body that cause you to become sick. We can prevent most sicknesses by drastically reducing or completely eliminating worry from our lives.

So, now with this being said, how do you stop worry? I am about to give you two powerful exercises that are easy to implement into your daily lives. These are the same exercises that I use with my life coaching clients to eliminate worry from their lives.

Exercise 1

Know the Facts.

Step one. Ask yourself, “What is the worst that could happen?” This allows you to put everything into perspective. Most individuals will speculate and over embellish on a given situation. By asking yourself this you know what the worst case scenario could possibly be (and 99% of the time it will never happen).

Step two. Accept the worst possible scenario. This allows you to be in control. When we are not in control of a situation we tend to feel helpless and lost, but when we are in control we have power. And when you regain your power you instantly calm down and can see the picture more clearly.

Step three. Now that you know what the worst case scenario could be and have accepted what the worst case scenario could be, all you have to do is write down all the options you can come up with to better the situation.

That is the first simple yet powerful exercise to eradicate worry from your life. Remember, simple minded people get lost looking for complicated solutions. Success minded people like for the simplest solution so they can achieve results.

Exercise 2.

Get the Facts.

Step one. Get the facts. If you are traveling from Atlanta, Ga. to New York and are worried that you might die in a plane crash, then look up that statistics and probability on plane crashes from Atlanta to New York. If you are worried a bride might collapse while you are driving over it, then look up the statistics of a bridge collapsing on a major freeway. (If a freeway is where you are worried a bridge might collapse) Get the cold hard facts. If you do not have the facts then your imagination will run wild.

Step two. Take a deep breathe in and while inhaling count to seven and then exhale out and while you exhale count to seven. Do this seven times. This will relax your nervous system and send signals to your brain that you are calm and relaxed which will allow you to what? Exactly. To become calm and relaxed.

It is scary to think that worry can cause one of the single most dreaded things on this planet, cancer. And the good thing about knowing what is the leading cause of cancer is also knowing how to combat it. With these two powerful exercises you can begin to decrease your stress levels and improve your health at the same time.

You are Stronger Than Failure,

Danny Cole

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