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The number one reason salespeople fail at sales is because they are focused on selling product. You are not selling product you are selling emotions! When you are persuading your friend or significant other on the reason why your pick in restaurant and movie is better than theirs, guess what you are doing? YOU ARE SELLING! You do it all day every day. The only difference between you and the top sales people in the world is they know they are selling. That’s it.

You see, every situation is a sales situation. From selling a multi-million dollar real-estate property to the reason you believe this blog is better than another blog, or why you’re mom’s homemade dessert is better than someone else’s, it’s all sales. What you have to remember is that the sales superstars of the world do not over complicate the process. They keep things simple.

How do they keep it simple? I’m glad you asked. They sell emotions. Why? Because people buy with emotions and justify with logic, that’s why. Plain and simple. If you control someone’s emotions you control what they do.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever bought something you didn’t really need but, you just had to have? Tell me, why you bought it? Because your emotions where in overdrive for it, weren’t they? It made you feel good and excited inside. The perceived value was worth more than the price.

Then what did you do? Then you justified the purchase with logic didn’t you? Something like, “it was on sale” or “you had to have something to wear” or some other weak excuse. The real reason you bought it was because it made you “feel” good at the moment. It’s okay to admit it. You, and everyone else, work hard for their money and deserve to enjoy spending it. Now, just use that to your advantage in sales.

Understand why someone wants what you have and create excitement. That’s the formula. This is why people pay huge bucks for puppies! They are excited about these cute little things and how much fun they will have cuddling and playing with them and just have to have them, no matter the cost. My girlfriend is in the process of adopting us one right now as I’m writing this! Only it’s not a puppy it’s a 14 yr. old little Pomeranian. Why?

Because she said, “babe, everyone is buying puppies and old cute dogs need homes too. Just imagine how much she would love us.” (Emotions) And, yes, we are paying for a 14 yr. old dog who is deaf and has cataracts.

Want to increase your sales? Know what you are selling, EMOTIONS!

The sooner you understand this the sooner you will increase your income.

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