Interview with trainer and inventor of XZACK SWING TRAINER, Stephon Zackery



What' up Stronger Nation!


It's that time again!  Another episode coming at you at 8PM tonight!  And this show has been long anticipated. 


We will be interviewing Stephon Zackery, the inventor of the XZACK SWING TRAINER, a device that is changing the game of baseball.  


Stephon Zackery is a Georgia native and a veteran proletarian athlete, volunteer coach, and trainer.


He designed THE XZACK SWING TRAINER, a device that is set to revolutionize the sports training industry.  It is already receiving rave reviews from across the board from everyone including doctors, high school athletes, and professional athletes alike.


His extensive experience in training and coaching youth led to his ingenious invention of the tool.  And is already available in the market now!  If you want the competitive edge and a boost in confidence get yours now!


The device is strategically designed to facilitate the enhancement and training of the muscle groups involved in the swinging motion of baseball players.  The device incorporates varying degrees of resistance, and targets critical angles that span the entire torso, arms, and hips.


Long story short, this amazing device will increase bat speed and the distance the ball is hit in record time.  Most athletes have to spend months and months practicing their bat swing to see a marginal improvement, but with this sports performance enhancing trainer, most see results in a few weeks with minimal time spent training.  


Listen in tonight or check it out on the podcast to hear more about the product and the inventor/business owner Stephon Zackery. 



You are Stronger Than Failure,

Danny Cole







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