Interview With Nick Branon - Owner of Civilized And Savage Clothing and Co Owner of Hero Roofing


What's up Stronger Nation! 


Tonight we will have another powerful interview for you!  On tonight's must listen to podcast we will be interviewing owner of Civilized and Savage Clothing and Co Owner of Hero Roofing Nick Branon.


Nick is a Georgia native growing up south of Atlanta in Fayetteville.  But unfortunately life was not sunshine and rainbows for him.  His home environment was one you would see in the movies.  Surrounded by abuse and drug use by his stepdad.  


Fortunately he was rescued from the horrid home conditions at the age of 9 when his dad got custody of him.  His dad soon enrolled him in martial arts and turned his life around.  By the age of 16 Nick had already received his second degree black belt and started fighting at 17.


Now at only 26 years old Nick is the owner of Civilized and Savage Clothing line and Co Owner of Hero Roofing with his father.


To hear this incredible story in more detail and more tune in tonight at 8 to or catch it on the podcast. 



You Are Stronger Than Failure,

Danny Cole






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